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Public Safety


  • What I plan to do:

    • I am passionate about changing the narrative of more policing to greater community and neighborhood outreach.

    • I want to help adapt Neighborhood Watch meetings into Neighborhood Community meetings where we learn about our neighbors rather than watch our neighbors. Knowing each other decreases the anxiety of misconceptions.

    • I will listen to residents whom express concerns of safety throughout the community and am committed to working with the City to address these concerns so that all residents can feel safe and secure.

    • I believe in mutual respect of our law enforcement city family and residents. We can work together.


Some facts

  • Homelessness is pervasive human dilemma becoming increasingly visible across Orange County and the nation.  Nationally, on a given night, 553,742 people experience homelessness: that is approximately 17 out of 10,000 people.  Between 2016 and 2017 California reported an significant increase in the number of unsheltered homeless (13,252) and chronically homeless (5,996), the largest of any reporting state (National Alliance to End homelessness, 2017).        

  • Although the county’s median household income ($78,145) is 76% higher than the nation’s ($59,039), the poverty rate is comparable(11.1% OC vs. 12.7% national).  

  • Homelessness is of great concern (much more than affordable housing) and people are willing to tax themselves to resolve it.

  • 66% of residents consider homelessness as a very serious problem; 91% see the issue as either very or somewhat serious (across party lines).

  • OC city governments and public services bear the costs associated with homelessness.

  • Cost of homelessness declines when homeless are housed(holds for both non-chronically and chronically homeless).

  • Currently I am familiarizing myself with Assembly Bill AB448 which Promotes a Regional Approach to Reducing Homelessness

  • Proposed by Assemblymembers Daly & Quirk-Silva (released May 1, 2018).

  • This bill would help form a public-private partnership to fund construction of supportive housing units in Orange County.

  • Potential Impacts:

  • Significantly reduce current costs to municipalities for providing permeant shelters to homeless residents.

  • Ability to locate and provide health care to those with severe health needs. 

  • Goal of financing and building 2,700 supportive housing units for local homeless families.

  • Solutions

  • Homelessness represents a complex social dilemma requiring the support from many local/regional/nation agencies and businesses to resolve. 

  • Municipalities must work collaboratively with residents, businesses, and non-profit organizations to provide housing options which “share” the cost.  These efforts will lead to providing a more cost effective and humanistic approach toward supporting our long-term neighbors, relieving the financial strain on the City of Orange.

  • Sources

  • 2018 Orange County Annual Study.  Retrieved from

  • 2017 Report “Homelessness in Orange County: The Costs to our Community”.  Retrieved from

  • National Alliance to End Homelessness. Retrieved from

  • What I plan to do:

    • I am committed to actively seek and research information on programs that have succeeded in the past, such as the Albuquerque Heading Home Program.

      • A strong goal of mine is to create a multi-agency partnership, including public, private, government, and non-profit partners, to assess the issue of homelessness and create tangible solutions to create positive and lasting change for these individuals.

    • I plan to review research and invest in a commitment to find sustainable housing that encompasses a holistic approach to the individual’s long-term stability (job partnership, community buy-in, whole health of the individual). 

    • Making sure we decide with community and not in isolation of the community. 

    • I am committed to listening to the concerns of ALL residents and addressing each one to the best of my ability. 

  • On Needle Exchange

  • We must work together. City council should cannot make decisions in isolation of the community. I am not there to make my decision; rather amplify the voices of residents. We decide together. There is a health issue we cannot ignore. Below are some points worth mentioning. 

  • Wrestling with the how to curb the exponential spread of HIV in Scott County, Indiana, Gov. Mike Pence instituted in April 2015one of the most recognized mobile and staticNeedle Exchange Programs (NEP) in the United States.

  • From November 2014 to August 2015 there were 181 reported new cases of HIV (Phillips et al., 2015).

  • September and October 2015 there were 0 reported new cases of HIV(Phillips et al., 2015) - 5 months after beginning the program.

  • Orange County has the fourth-highest number of HIV+ patients in California– a doubling in less than 10 years(Orange County Health Care Agency, 2014).  320 new diagnosed cases of HIV between 2015 and 2016 was the largest one-year jump over the last decade – a sign of an enlarging social dilemma.

We cannot turn away from the issue. Education is a start.



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Infrastructure/Economic Development


  • What I plan to do:

    • I plan to research metered parking around the Plaza. Moving traffic will ease and revenue are items I will defer to the experts.

    • In addition to the planned parking structure, I support more stores in the Plaza area, as well as finding creative ways to revive the Village at Orange.

      • It is imperative for the sustainability of small businesses to include the residents of orange.

    • We want to ensure small businesses throughout Orange thrive. We have many talented and willing residents that simply need to be equipped with the tools necessary for success.

    • And we can never forget that everybody deserves a fair living wage. I am committed to ensuring this for all residents.

Becoming a Green City


  • What I plan to do:

    • Provide Citywide incentives to increase green spaces with drought resistant and water-wise areas like apartments, opens spaces, and more.

    • Work with restaurants to lessen plastic, including the removal of single-use plastic straws.

    • Increase bike and walking areas to reduce traffic and promote a healthy, active lifestyle for residents.

    • Introduce environmental regulations for construction without harming business owners.

    • Create a climate action plan for the city in order to set clear goals and implementation plans. Work with local environmental groups and community members to ensure our residents’ priorities are included.

    • Have Orange join the growing list of Smoke Free Cities

      • After discussing with residents and local groups, I would look into the possibility propose Orange becomes a Smoke Free City to lessen the impact of second-hand smoke on non-smoking residents.

        • This would prohibit individuals from smoking in public locations, including sidewalks.

        • Cigarette smoking has decreased dramatically in California and this can be a part of educational information for our youth about the harms of smoking.

        • Penalties would be determined, but likely fines for those who do not follow the ordinance (Chapman University is already a smoke-free campus).

    • Use less plastic to reduce waste from the City

      • The City will partner with local groups and agencies to build water-refill stations throughout Orange.

        • We will work with residents and visitors (focus groups) to determine the best places for the stations.

        • We can follow the San Francisco model which has increased access to water and encouraged the use of reusable water bottles

    • Start a Take Back your Tap program (TAP IN-PLASTIC OUT) to lessen our dependence on plastic.

      • Educate the public on tap water.

      • Educate the public on the impact of plastic on the environment.

Parks and Recreation



  • What I plan to do:

    • Ensure all parks are inclusive of and welcome to the community.

      • Creating a community buy-in to keep neighborhood parks thriving with activities like “Community gardens.”

      • Increase city-sponsored neighborhood park nights and events--“Orange Community Time.”

    • Ensuring the lighting and services at our parks and open spaces are available for all residents and that accessibility is adequate.

    • Increasing the accessible parking spaces at parks throughout the city.

    • Having sufficient barbeque areas, clean restrooms, hand soap, and tables throughout all parks.

    • Create student-wide programs to bring students from Orange out to the parks. Programs may include gardening, partnerships with younger students, and more.




  • What I plan to do:

    • I am committed to increasing library hours to ensure access to as many individuals whom could benefit from the space.

    • Expand access to proper equipment (computers, printers, 3D printers) for students and parents to assist students’ academic success.

    • Increasing materials available to the community in their specific language (e.g., newspapers, magazines, book sections).

    • Creating a California History section that is inclusive of different groups and oral stories that make up our community.

    • Making sure material is readily available for students who are interested in ethnic studies.

    • Create programs to educate the community about the diversity of our communities.



  • What I plan to do:

    • Hold focus groups to hear from members of the community on how they could feel supported in our business community.

      • Find ways to streamline the process of operating a business in our city.

    • Find ways our business focus on employee residents of the city. ​

    • Update our permits process with fast and efficient knowledgable customer service. 

    • I would like Orange to be known as one of the best cities to have a business. 

Role of Government



  • What I plan to do:

    • R.A.I.L. I will be a responsive and inclusive leader for ALL residents.

    • Keep national politics out of our city council and focus on local issues. 

    • I am committed to working to make city council meetings and City Hall a place for all community members to feel welcome.

      • I will work to ensure all residents have proper access to the monthly agenda in the language of their preference.

    • I will work to implement a community gathering program to discuss specific issues that concern the residents.

    • I am committed to ensuring that all residents are able to understand and participate in their local government. We will explore options for all residents to have the opportunity to listen and interact with the City Council in their preferred language.




  • What I plan to do:

    • Through responsible spending, I will focus on ensuring the budget for Orange is used for the benefit of the entire community through citywide projects, by:

      • Making sure our streets are maintained and repaved to allow residents to walk around their neighborhoods with ease.

      • Making sure neighborhoods have proper lighting.

    • Invest in the City’s website upgrade for ease of use and accessibility to information.

    • I do not plan to take unnecessary risks with resident’s taxes and want to ensure that resources are fairly distributed across Orange.


 What I plan to do:

    • Increase funding for Meals on Wheels through fundraisers and grants.

    • Create a senior neighborhood program and online program for wellness checks and/or visits.

    • Create/improve programs to connect students with seniors as an educational and community service opportunity.

    • Begin research and planning to propose a new senior center on the East side of Orange.

Cultural Events


  • What I plan to do:

    • Increase the awareness of the richness of communities we have in our city.

    • Create cultural awareness community events (i.e., Day of the Dead, Vietnamese New Year) in the El Modena area as a pilot program.

    • Increase diverse communities’ presence and integration of cultural customs.

    • Create a Cultural Council Advisory Board made up of members of these communities to oversee all cultural expansion initiatives to provide insight and guidance.

And many more.
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