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"It is a great privilege to have the support of people and organizations that believe in making a difference.

Thank you for all your encouragement, and for believing in me." 

-Beatriz "Betty" Valencia-

Dolores Huerta- Civil Rights Leader

"We need a person with integrity that will represent our community. Beatriz (Betty) is that person."

-Dolores Huerta

American labor leader and civil rights activist

 "I am pleased to endorse Betty Valencia for Orange City Council.  A financial institution executive with extensive community service experience, Betty will bring passion, strategy, and perspective to her work on the City Council to enhance the quality of life for all the residents in Orange.  Please join me in supporting Betty Valencia for Orange City  Council."

-Betty T. Yee

California State Controller

Professor Dr. Luis Ortiz-Franco

 "I am proud to endorse Beatriz "Betty" Valencia. Betty's leadership brings a new perspective to the city of Orange. Betty's passion for creating community is supported by her educational background and her willingness to listen and respond to constituents. Betty is qualified and passionate. Her energy, decades of community service, and broad business background will enable her to start working for the community from day one." 

Sharon Quirk-Silva

Assembly Member- District 65


Professor Dr. Luis Ortiz-Franco

"Betty is the real thing"

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Dr. Jose F. Moreno

Professor Dr. Luis Ortiz-Franco

"Our City of Orange deserves more leaders who are well informed and responsive to the needs of a diverse community. Betty Valencia is such a leader."


-Professor Dr. Luis Ortiz-Franco 

Retired Math Professor

Orange Resident

"Beatriz "Betty" Valencia brings praxis to her work. Betty has the gift to reflect, act, and be transformative."

-Jose Paolo Magcalas

 Anaheim Board of Education

Bradley West- Supporter and Activist.

"I wholeheartedly endorse Beatriz Valencia for her candidacy for the Orange City Council. She will be a voice for underrepresented communities in the City and will be the bold inclusive leader that Orange needs."

-Bradley West


Sneha Kohli Mathur- Orange Resident

"Betty is the one I would want in my corner to advocate for me—she knows how to take charge of a room while simultaneously listening to every single person in that room. Her passion and dedication mixed with her capacity to put a smile on anyone’s face is exactly the kind of leadership the city of Orange needs!"

—Sneha Kohli Mathur

Spectrum Success, Co-Founder & CEO

Orange Resident

Dr. Anat Herzog- Orange resident

" Betty represents everything I moved to Orange for, and all the reasons I want to stay."

-Dr. Anat Herzog

 Liaison for Academic Service

Orange Resident

"As an educator, I admire Betty’s ability to bring disparate groups together and facilitate meaningful conversations. As a friend, I respect her integrity and appreciate her ability to truly listen to my concerns. These qualities will make Betty an excellent leader for the city of Orange."

-Jennifer James

 Community College Educator

"I grew up in Old Town Orange, went to public schools here and started my own business in this city. Beatriz Valencia represents an empathetic, strong, inclusive, and invested citizen of Orange. Betty represents human progression, intellect, mindfulness and the future."

-Ian Capilouto.

Maplewood Records Owner. Orange Resident

"It has been said that “goodness” is about character - integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people. As Betty’s long-time neighbors here in Orange, we can attest to her impeccable character and desire for fair and equal treatment of all members of our community. Betty Valencia is the right choice to serve our City.”

Desmond and Galina Collins

Neighbor and Orange Resident

"I want a city council member who values and represents the progressive issues I care about. Betty is that person. She listens, cares, and understands the importance of diversity, inclusion, and compassion for our entire community. She takes time to think about how a strong city government can serve its people. I know her voice will enhance our wonderful city and I look forward to seeing and supporting her service as our city council member."

Theresa Nguyen- Orange Resident

Betty stands for truth, integrity, and equal rights for all. I’ve known Betty and her character for 20 years. We’ve sat in college classrooms together; we were neighbors; we’ve celebrated holidays together and shared many conversations.  I can truly say that Betty would be the City Council Woman that the City of Orange could benefit from her strength, knowledge, and integrity. She will always stand up for what’s right and just, for the undeserved and voiceless, and for equal rights under the law.  Vote for Betty Valencia because she’ll work fairly and wholeheartedly for the citizens in the City of Orange. 

Todd Nguyen-

Community Supporters

Judith Lash

Christy Rivers

Judy Weissberg-Ortiz

Lauren Austin

Mackenzie Crigger

Lindsay Walsh

Antonia Valencia

Ricardo Valencia

Ian Capilouto

Mitchell Rosenberg

Mohammed Aly

Yolanda Alvarez

Charles Conlin

David Sonneborn

Sneha Kohl Mathur

Pamela Presnall

Joyce Baker

Phyllis Steele

Ceresa Salter

Helen Norris

Gordon Adams

Susan LeFever

Michele Schroeder

Karyn Mendoza

Laura Villa

Penny Bryan

Gorge Bryan

     WAVE (Women for American Values and Ethics



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