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Dolores Huerta and Betty Valencia

My family and community taught me the value of hard work and dedication. I have applied those values to a lifetime of volunteer service. I want to serve our community with that same vigor and commitment. Service cannot be isolated from the work of our City Council. I will work diligently in service of my community at all levels. I look forward to contributing wholeheartedly to our City.

State of Homelessness in Orange County, Ca.

It is my intention to build coalitions within our city and beyond. We have access to exceptional organizations that can provide resources and guidance to our City staff, police and community. These untapped knowledge sources can help our dedicated professionals better understand and serve the diverse communities that make our city great. We must be able to proactively communicate across the aisle - strike a balance between what we must do, what we can do, and what we SHOULD do for all our residents.


Homelessness is a state, not a person. As a caring and inclusive city, we have the ability to collaborate and develop creative permanent solutions. With a county of over 3.1 million people, it is a realistic goal to assist our residents with affordable housing. We cannot do any of this in isolation. Inter-city communications must be encouraged and collaborative solutions implemented.

OC Sherriff and LGTBQ center- Dialogue on community safety.

Safety for ALL residents is a key priority of mine. Communities thrive when relationships are strong. Through proactive relationships and collaboration, we create inclusive communities.

Our police department plays a central role in this cycle - engaging with each of us as residents and supporters. Fair and just communities embrace the myriad people who thrive there. To create an accessible, citywide safe zone, we must all learn about the rich diversity of our community. 

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